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I help you remember who you truly are and why you came here? Through sacred ceremony and the use of holistic modalities, we will unlock your fullest potential. Leaving you connected, inspired and transformed.

Welome to

the bess life

The Bess Life is a safe space for true transformation. This container will help you drop into remembering your life is sacred. The Bess Life provides guidance in The Art of Ceremony and Holistic Modalities, so you can awaken to your true self and live your Best Life. 

Hello beautiful soul

My name is Bess and I’m a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Sound & Reiki Healer and Ceremonialist from NSW, who is passionate about guiding you into The Art of Ceremony and awakening to your true self. I infuse my love of sound, movement and creative self-expression into all of my offerings.

I am an advocate for raising mental health awareness and providing access to holistic modalities to people who truly need these offerings. I share a range of modalities that have helped me on my own healing journey of shamanic healing, reiki energy work, voice activation, sound healing, breath work, meditation, yoga and free movement to help the collective start to heal on their own unique journeys.

Through rewiring self limiting beliefs, inner child, ancestral healing, shadow work and focusing on unblocking my Throat Chakra of trauma, where I didn’t sing or express myself for 15 years. I now have the tools to share my authentic voice to my community and through charity work from a place of love and deep reverence of who I truly am.

I have learn’t from incredible teachers who have shaped my offerings today and I honour each of them and the lineages that have been passed on to me. Thank you Duncan Peak, Rod Galbraith, Nicole Walsh, Shiva Rea, Lara Zilibowitz, Seane Korn, Nikola Ellis, Karina Kallilah, Daniel Coates Suntara, Jemmita Anchoring The Light and Maestros from Peru from the lineage of The Seven Rays, Devi Ma, Milène Mahé-Baú, Wu De and Helane Sacral Sounds.

My offerings are led from the heart and are designed for you to tap into your free-flowing states of mind, body & spirit. You will leave my sessions, ceremonies or programs feeling more connected to your true self, with a new found love for your own uniqueness and fullest heart expression.

It is my mission to help spread love and kindness to the whole of humanity, through the gifts I have been given and raising the vibrations of the collective. I believe everything starts with you, how you are showing up in the world and how you are living from your own unique heart space.
Once we start to heal all parts of ourselves, this will ripple out into the world and your life will change and the lives of your loved ones will change and ultimately, that’s how we will change and heal the world.

Keep on shining your light to the world my loves and I will be here to raise you up every step of the way! 🙂 
Sending you all so much Love,

Bess xxx

My Offerings





Sound Alchemy

Sound Alchemy Healing –
Private or Group

Surrender to the vibrations of sound. In Bess’s Sound Alchemy Healing, you will be transformed to another realm for deep healing and relaxation. Whether in a private or group setting the sounds of sacred instruments, the crystal, tibetan bowls and soothing vocals will deepen your experience of self-love connecting deep within the cells of your body. Through surrendering to these sounds, you will be able to rest and allow the process of release to unfold naturally in pure connection with yourself. Sound healing can help you clear energetic blockages that you could be storing in your body and can facilitate healing on a physical and mental level.

Voice Alchemy – 1:1 Session or Vocal Program  

Discover the power of your own voice through a Voice Alchemy Session or the full Vocal Program. Diving into your unique vibration and unlocking your truth from a place of courage without fear. We will focus on the Throat Chakra area and remove any blockages you may have surrounding speaking your truth and being heard. These blockages can stem from inner child wounds, so we will go on a journey and discover where you came from? Then we learn vocal and breathing techniques to support the voice in expressing its true self, in a safe way. Are you ready to shine your authentic voice out into the world?

Sacred Ceremony

Sacred Ceremony – Private or Group

Bess will guide you into the art of ceremony. These sacred ceremonies are to connect, embrace and help spread the highest form of light and frequency to the collective. It is my mission to raise the vibrations of humanity, so that we are in more harmony with ourselves, each other and the earth.

New and Full Moon Ceremony

Drawing on the powerful energy from the Moon, we will use ceremony and ritual to move beyond the mind and into the heart. As a collective you will release anything that is no longer serving you to completely drop into becoming clearer on your purpose and what you are wanting to call into you life. Each ceremony is based on what sign the Moon is in and the energy surrounding this time.

Cacao Ceremony 

Bess has been trained with the Andean lineage of the Seven Rays and Sacred Chocolate with Jemmita ‘Anchoring the Light’ and her Maestros from Peru, who have passed down these teachings. Bess guides you through the art of using the power of the sacred chocolate Cacao from the jungles in Peru, diving deep into the heart and listening to what you are truly longing for at this moment in time. Bess holds safe containers for you to truly be seen, felt and heard.

Tea Ceremony

Bess shares these ceremonies with a small intimate group. Dropping into a silent meditation and sharing of tea. Tea brings you into a deep state of peace and allows the space for you to go inwards. Tea after water is one of the oldest medicines known to mankind and this ancient practice comes from Chinese lineage. The Cha Dao ‘The Way of Tea’, is in your heart and is a practice of listening with your whole being. Tea contains the essence of nature and by having these ceremonies you will form a deeper connection with nature, yourself and the community. 

Soul Alignment

Soul Alignment Session –
1:1 Session or Mentoring

A remembrance of who you truly are. Bess will work with you one on one and together she will create a tailored session, based on your needs. Through a range of modalities these sessions will help bring you back to your Soul’s Purpose and Soul Alignment and assist you in unlocking your fullest potential. When we are in alignment we can live life from our most authentic self. Bess will work with the Chakra System to align each energy point on your body and you will step out into the world feeling grounded, empowered and free.
In the mentoring program we will dive deeper into your Soul’s Purpose and what you are wanting to manifest into your life. Energetically clearing and removing any obstacles or blockages you have holding you back in creating the life you are meant to be living. It is in your truth and deep knowing of innate wisdom, we will unlock the remembering of who you truly are and meant to be.

Flow State

Holistic Modalities – Private or Group

Yoga, Meditation, Breath work, Free Movement, Self Expression, Reiki and Sound Journeys. 
Bess offers a range of Holistic Modalities for Private or Group Sessions. From Corporate Wellness days, Meditation and Yoga events, Holistic Private birthdays, Hen’s parties, Baby blessings and Bridal showers. If you have a vision Bess will work with you to create magic for you and your vision. 

The Bess Life – Mindfulness Program

The Bess Life has a Mindfulness Program to help you become centred, clearer and calmer during these times.

The Bess Life – A Journey Through The Chakras Program

The Bess Life has a Journey Through The Chakras Program to help you clear through these energy points and become truly aligned.

Raise the Vibrations

Udaya Retreats

Bess hosts deep, connecting and heart warming journeys with her incredible soul sister Destiny Wolf at Udaya Retreats.

Udaya Retreats alchemises holistic and ceremonial modalities to offer a journey of grounding, enlivening, and expansion. Udaya Retreats understands that we all retreat for different reasons, and it’s their hope to empower you as your own best healer and leave the retreat feeling a refreshed vibrancy to confidently walk your path and radiate your light.

Udaya, the rising sun, is a representation of transformation, promise, and change. It’s their hope to raise the vibrations of the collective by helping people feel liberated, connected, and fully whole.

If you would like to retreat with Bess & Destiny head to the “Udaya Retreats” website for their full list of experiences.

Upcoming Events

Sacred Sundays

Bess will share a Live Sound Healing on every Sunday in September.

Tune into these Sacred Sundays online for relaxation and deep peace in the comfort of your own home. Now more than ever we need to be taking care of ourselves and our mental health during these times. I welcome you to start your healing journey now, through taking a moment to stop, slow down and surrender to the power of Sound on these Sacred Sundays. 

Time: 8.00pm 
Place: Online Instagram Live @the_bess_life
Price: Free or by Donation

What to do: You want to be as comfortable as possible, so wear something warm and comfy. During the sound healing you could be laying down on a bed, couch, yoga mat and have any props like a blanket, pillow or cushion. Have your headphones in for better sound quality and have some water next to you, just in case you get dehydrated as sound tends to move and shift energy around your body. Lastly enjoy the heavenly sounds for your own deep healing with love and compassion for yourself.

DREAM – Dream On Island Project  

Dream On Island in Tonga – The Bess Life is in the process of building a Holistic Retreat Centre in the Vava’u Islands of Tonga. Working with the local community to create a sustainable hub in the South Pacific. Click here if you want to be a part of it.

GIVE – A Sound Life Charity 

Please Donate – A Sound Life Charity is a charity who The Bess Life works closely with and volunteers for their programs of sharing Music, Yoga & Meditation to the vulnerable in our community. Click here to view the Sound Life website

COLLAB – Collaborations 

If you would like to collaborate with The Bess Life, please connect with me through this portal of love and let’s shine our lights out together in the world. Click here to send me a message.


“Bess is truly the best! I have been lucky enough to experience the most magical Yoga and Sound Healing classes with Bess. Every class brought something new and something special – what more could you want! Putting my mat down and feeling completely connected and safe made Bess’s classes something I looked forward to every week. Thank you special human! Sending you all the love.”

– Nisha

“I have worked with Bess for numerous events now and I can say that she’s the best! Very grounded, professional, calm and friendly. She leads beautiful sound healing ceremonies and creates space for people to feel welcomed and at ease. Plus her voice is divine! I can highly recommend her for anyone wishing to step into a beautiful and healing space.”

– Valerie

“Bess floated into our Solar Springs family, effortlessly with amazing passion to join us in caring for our guests. Running multiple weekly classes and unique workshops enabling restoration, calm and mindfulness through her voice, sounds and intoxicating spirit. 

Sound Healing was the highlight for many, so we had to put extra classes on to meet the demand for this special, remedial session. Leading meditative nature walks was another delightful offering along with daily yin stretch yoga classes.

Professional, punctual and so very respectful of everyone and everything in our little Bundanoon nature haven. Bess also has a gift to include everyone, making every effort to ensure all guests were looked after and often had to cover classes when the need arose much to our guests delight! 

All the team and guests were better for knowing her, THANK YOU KINDLY.”

– Fiona

“Bess has a grounded and authentic presence about her. Her innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life and share her healing gifts is a quality I value and am grateful we crossed paths.” 

Much love,
– Lisa Marie

“Bess is a beautiful soul. I have attended a few of her workshops and have loved every session. Her energy is magical and she creates such a safe and beautiful space for everyone there. Bess has an amazing voice that she uses during her sound healing sessions. I have walked away from her workshops having a sense of clarity and purpose. I can’t wait to continue my journey with her.”

– Michelle

“Bess’s sound healing was so relaxing and heart opening just like her presence, the way she conducted the women’s circle/urban retreat was with effortless grace and there was such beautiful flow between activities I felt so supported, held and free and left feeling floaty, relaxed yet grounded and replenished. I would highly recommend her.”

– Sophia

“Thank you Bess for your amazing sound baths, they are divine! This is definitely something everyone should experience.  

Bess starts with settling you into a relaxed space and then proceeds by playing a symphony of sound.  With a mix of crystal bowls, drums, gong, chimes and her sublime voice I am transported into a state of relaxed bliss as I let these waves of sound wash over me.  Bess knows exactly which sound to play and when and her beautiful energy fills the room.

If you are looking for a class that will lift your vibration and leave you feeling blissful, Bess’s sound baths are the best!”

– Adette 

“Elizabeth is an incredible sound healer with the most soothing voice that calms your cells. I experienced one of her sessions which brought deep peace and healing to my body mind and spirit. I highly recommend his amazing woman.”

– Zoe

“Bess has a beautiful warm energy that always makes me feel welcomed and supported in her sound healing ceremonies. Her ability to incorporate singing, sacred instruments, and crystal bowls in a truly unique and immersive experience that has transported me beyond the realms of this earth. It is always an honour to attend any of her sound healing events, and I always look forward to the next one.”

– Gabby

“Sound journeys with Bess are just magical. I have felt a deep sense of peace and relaxation after experiencing her sound healing sessions. So lovely the way she works with the instruments and her voice! Highly recommend it.” 

– Kristen

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